HATCHecker – the ultrasound solution designed to test the integrity of vessels for weathertightness


Hatch cover leakage and wetting damage to cargo are a persistent problem in the marine industry. Confirm that hatch covers are weathertight and compliant with ruling regulations by using the new SDT HATCHecker which includes cutting edge technology that makes both the T9 transmitter and handheld receiver light, compact, robust and suitable for use in the harsh marine environment.


The ergonomic and revolutionary design, vibrant colour display and limited number of keys make the SDT HATCHecker easy to use, handy for travellers and allows for reliable leak detection with pinpoint accuracy on board ships.


SDT’s renowned quality and engineering, together with pioneering design and competitive price setting make the SDT HATCHecker the most suitable and affordable solution for dealing with leaky hatch covers.

HATCHChecker Hatch Cover Tightness

Use HATCHecker to pinpoint the exact location of leaks in hatch covers. The HATCHChecker works with SDT’s ergonomic Flexible Sensor and the T-Sonic9 transmitter.